This Week At Trinity

Saturday Jan 21
5:30pm - Worship Service

Sunday Jan 22
9:30am Worship Service
Fellowship Time Following Service
10:45am Forum to Discuss 2017 Proposed Budget
10:45am Sunday School for all children 4 years old thru 6th Grade

Monday Jan 23
6:00pm Mt Morris Planning Commission Meeting

Tuesday Jan 24
3:30-4:30pm Lot 12 Mentoring (K-6th grade)

Wednesday Jan 25
6:30am - Prayer & Praise Group
3:10pm - Lot 12 Mentoring (Jr High)
6:00pm - Chime Choir
6:45pm - Men's Choir Rehearsal
7:00pm - Chancel Choir Rehearsal
7:30pm - Women's Choir Rehearsal

Thursday Jan 26
3:30-4:30pm Lot 12 Mentoring (K-6th grade)

Friday Jan 27
8:00am Bulletin Assembly & Fellowship

Saturday Jan 28
5:30pm - Worship Service

Sunday Jan 29
9:30am - Worship Service
Fellowship Time Following Service
10:45am - Annual Meeting of the Congregation
10:45am - Sunday School for all children 4 years old through 6th grade

Worship Cancellations due to Weather
It's that time of the year! If the weather turns troubling and you are not sure whether or not we are gathering for worship, here are your information options:
* Check local TV stations WREX (NBC 13), WIFR (CBS 23), WTVO (ABC-17) or WQRF (Fox 39) Channel numbers may be different pending your video provider. Cancellations will scroll across the bottom of the screen.
* Check Trinity's Facebook page. Will say "Cancelled".
* Check this site for information
* Check local Radio Stations: WRHL, WIXN/WSEY
* When in doubt, stay home. Thank you for your love for worship and yet, please keep yourself safe. Ice and snow do not discriminate by age or ability

Trinity Lutheran Church
308 E Brayton Rd
Mt Morris, IL 61054
Phone: 815-734-6354
Instagram: trinitymtmorris
Believing in Christ, we are called to grow, and are sent to serve.
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
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Christ bless this house and everyone who enters it. Our house has been marked with blessing over its doors for Epiphany, the day of the arrival of the wise men. May the light of Christ lead you to the awakening that God's love is here.

What's Happening In The Community



Pinecrest Grove, All Welcome to attend! Add your voice
to the village planning process!

“Mount Morris is regarded and marketed as a safe, 
comfortable, and affordable place for young families and 
seniors, such that retirees from the Rockford and western 
Chicagoland metros have made Mount Morris their home.

The village has developed a forward-looking brand that still references the community’s unique spiritual, industrial and musical heritage. Its revitalized central Campus, historic buildings, parks and nearby natural areas are viewed as assets. They are protected and maintained.

Locals young and old value interpersonal relationships across the generations. They learn from one another, including through interactions at popular venues like Pinecrest Grove, the library, and the band shell. 

Residents are proud to live in Mount Morris.”